Hi! Welcome! And thanks for stopping by my Blog.

Before I introduce you to LoveLydia, please allow me to tell you what to expect from my posts. I simply want to share my experience and impart some thoughts that have accumulated and continue to accumulate throughout this journey and beyond. There’s no particular order or sequence just pieces of a puzzle that I hope will emerge into a beautiful picture.

So, here we go.

So what is LoveLydia all about? Well, I had always wanted beautiful nude pictures taken of me. But, I wanted to wait for that right time when my hair was long and luxurious, to lose those extra baby pounds, to tone up just a little more. But that time never came. Breast cancer came.

I went through the whole circus; that conventional journey that someone might expect: surgeries, chemo, tons of drugs, more surgeries, etc. As I went down this journey and all that I experienced and felt, I wanted to give back in a way that resonates with me.

I saw many pictures of women who had gone before me, bravely showing their new bodies with pride and triumph. But it frightened me. I didn’t want to resign myself that I had to come out of breast cancer emotionally and psychologically scared, not to mention, the obvious, physical scars. To me, healing is more than beating cancer. It means reclaiming my prior, unmangled body and clearing the emotional and psychological trauma that led up to and came from this experience.

An idea came to my mind.

I wanted an artist to paint and decorate my body celebrating all that is beauty and feminine to me. I wanted flowers and symbols and designs mixed with jewels and pearls. And then I wanted photos taken. And I wanted people to see these photos. And when people saw the portraits, that maybe their first thoughts might be beauty, art, femininity, anything but cancer. Had I seen a portrait like this in a hospital, doctor’s office or a cancer ward, maybe I wouldn’t have been so frightened. I would have said, “I want to come out of this looking like that!” inspired with greater courage and strength.

But I didn’t know how and for what reason exactly to get these images out into the public.

I’m still not put back together. I don’t have a left nipple. My breasts are still not level nor the same size and other things I could numerate from all the surgeries. And, I’m not fond of the idea of having another surgery, to come out looking less than what I deem is worthy of me. So I kept searching for other alternatives.

My search led me to TeVido Biodevices, a private biotech company working on 3D printing to restore a woman’s NAC (nipple areola complex) and later the entire breast! That’s right, take out the diseased breast and print out a new one made from the woman’s own healthy cells! Sounds like science fiction, doesn’t it, but TeVido is working on this as you read this. Can you imagine the possibilities!? The world needs this technology readily available to everyone.

Immediately I emailed Laura Bosworth, the CEO of TeVido Biodevices, asking if she could use me as an experiment. She graciously replied that TeVido was still a few years out from human trials. “Well then, how much money do you need to bring this technology to doctor’s offices everywhere?” I asked. “30 million,” she said.

And then it hit me. What if I sell my portraits and donate the profit to her vision!

I presented her with the idea and she was honored by the gesture and she agreed to be teamed up with LoveLydia.

And here we are.

It is our goal at LoveLydia to raise 30 million dollars so TeVido can bring this technology to the public. So doctors can take out the cancer and leave the woman whole. So that women will no longer be able to identify with me.

In a nutshell this is how LoveLydia came to be. As you read subsequent posts, I’ll fill you in on more details.

That’s it for my first post. Thank you so much for reading and for sharing your time with me. I have enjoyed our time together. I hope you have also. Please join me here again in a few weeks for another post. Follow us on Facebook to know when the next blog comes out.

Until we meet again.